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About Mateship

The Mateship Foundation is a local leader within a nationwide movement dedicated to caring for and helping the homeless. We are well known amongst the Australians in the USA community for our unstoppable commitment of bringing happiness and dignity to our fellow mates, the unhoused of the nation.

Our original roots are from Australia.

Our Pride

We pride ourselves on having the ‘Aussie spirit’ which is being there for our mates.

Our Mission

We work tirelessly to bring hope, defeat homelessness and achieve social respect through the kindness of our actions.

Our Vision

The Mateship Foundation seeks to bring those in the USA hope, care for those that have been abandoned and provide essential items to those whose lives have hit rock bottom through drugs, mental illness and poverty.

Everyone should have a chance to live with dignity, food and shelter. While we are based in Los Angeles, we aim to expand nationwide with our Aussie spirit!

Our Team

The whole is much more than the sum of its parts. Meet our team!

Shayne Evans


Shayne is a loving wife and mother to two young kids and works part time in the event management space. Shayne leads the team with her invaluable connections of corporate partners and generous individuals. Shayne is originally from Cronulla Beach in Sydney and has lived in Los Angeles for over 10 years. 

Jay Jay Wolfpie

Vice president

Jay Jay is the owner and master baker of Aussie Pies and Sausages. Based in LA, he grew up in East St Kilda with a love for pies and The Pies (an Aussie footy team)! Pies are in his blood and spreading kindness is what he’s all about! Jay Jay has been in the USA for over 20 years, but is still an Aussie larrikin at heart!

Josh Pugh Mateship Foundation

Josh Pugh


Josh is better known to the Australian community as “America Josh” after founding in 2017. He grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, and has made it his mission to make life in the United States easier for those who choose to move here, and better for those who need help.

Our Story

The Mateship Foundation began from the very ground up. In 2018, two unlikely Aussie expats living in Los Angeles met through an expat group with the aim to give back to the community in need in the city that adopted them.

Jay Jay made Aussie pies and sausage rolls and Shayne called on the Aussie expat community to donate items so she could make hygiene kits. They literally walked the streets of Skid Row handing out food and hygiene kits to the people living in tents or laying on the ground. And they still do to this day!

Initially we helped a dozen people, next month it was two dozen and within a year, due to the generous support of the Aussie expat community and other communities we were helping thousands of people! 

Throughout the years, others have generously donated their time helping Jay Jay and Shayne on the frontlines, behind the scenes and from all over the world! One stand out moment was when an entire retirement centre in Australia sent boxes of hand knitted beanies and scarves all the way from Australia, over the Pacific and into the hands of the residents of Skid Row!

During covid, many non profits had to suspend operations due to city wide lockdowns. This didn’t stop Jay Jay and Shayne from hitting the streets on foot to give to the people that most desperately needed supplies during the most difficult time in their lives. 

Every month, Jay Jay and Shayne, along with some amazing volunteers, head to Skid Row to hand out smiles, laughs, conversations, hugs and of course, essential supplies.

After 4.5 years of giving back from the grassroots, they have now officially started a 501c3 Non Profit Organization – The Mateship Foundation!

They have formed an amazing group of Aussie board members to make The Mateship Foundation what it is today. Josh Pugh from New York and Meena Dafesh from Ohio have graciously joined the team and we can’t wait for you to see what we have coming up!


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