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Holidays on Skid Row: December 2023

Yesterday was one of the most emotional days we’ve ever had on skid row. The amount of support this community gave us when we put out the call for kids supplies was incredible.

These two girls hugging our President, Shayne, received backpacks and when Shayne showed them what was inside them, the younger girl was obviously a frozen fan because her eyes lit up when she saw the frozen book!

Shayne said merry Christmas and they paused for a moment. The older girl came hugged her out of nowhere and her younger sister followed. They stayed in that hug for at least a minute and there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere nearby. After that their mum came and hugged her. Shayne doesn’t speak Spanish and they don’t speak English. But the connection everyone had didn’t need words.

Thank you to everyone who sent supplies for the kids. You not only made their Christmas, you made ours as well and we couldn’t be more thankful to you all!


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