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Welcome from Our President, Shayne

G’Day Mates!

It’s such an honor to serve as the President and CEO of The Mateship Foundation along with our amazing board of directors Jay Jay Wolfpie, Josh Pugh and Allan Cooper. We started this foundation because we see on a daily basis how the unhoused crisis continually grows. While we will never ‘magically’ fix it, what we can do is provide them with a small amount of happiness through a meat pie, a hygiene kit, a blanket, but most of all, treating them with dignity and giving them a smile.

We are not your typical organization that just goes through the motions of just handing out supplies. We talk to them, we hug them, we tell really bad jokes and most of all, we treat them with respect. Every time we arrive on Skid Row someone will yell out ‘the Aussies are here!’ Everyone comes running over because they know they are not only going to get some awesome Aussie tucker, they’re going to have fun!

We are so blessed to have the support of not only our awesome Aussie expat community, but people from all over the world that give to us. 

I would also like to thank our amazing team of volunteers that not only donate their time to us, they donate their smiles and compassion and for that, I can’t thank you enough!

Our goal is to expand our efforts to other cities and eventually be nationwide. To do this, we need your help! By donating to us here you can help us achieve our dream of bringing a smile to thousands of people around the USA. You can help by just giving our Facebook page a like!

To celebrate our launch, we’ve created a goal to get the ball rolling so we can keep working right away:

If you would like to bring The Mateship Foundation to your city, send me an email at so we can make that happen!

Thank you to each and everyone of you that has supported us and we can’t wait for you to see us continually grow and help more and more people!


Shayne Evans
President and CEO of The Mateship Foundation


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