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Why I Volunteer With The Mateship Foundation by Liani Marriott

I read a quote once that magic happens when I meet you where you are. Luckily for all of us, this magic occurs many times throughout life.

It is found in the unexpected and surprising moments that bring us joy. Think about when you first met your spouse or lover and felt the frisson sizzling between the two of you, when your child tells you that they are going to barrack for Collingwood, or when you and your best mate shared a laugh that was so hearty that it made your jaws hurt.

Funnily enough, you will also experience this magic on the streets of Skid Row, when you volunteer and join The Mateship Foundation there. You might have an idea about the people who live on Skid Row. You could have read articles about these individuals in the Los Angeles Times or seen stories on the news and formed an opinion, however, by taking the time to meet these people right where they are your view will change and they will leave an imprint upon your heart.

The unexpected inclusion of mateship in one of the most destitute places in Los Angeles brings much-needed joy. When you are volunteering you are plating up one of Aussie Meat Pies and Sausages hot and delicious meat pies or handing out socks and toiletries and there is a resounding chorus of “thank you” and “God Bless You.” from those in need. Through mateship the often forgotten and ignored, people of Skid Row get to be seen and they are so thankful that you have met them where they are you may even get asked for a hug.

For years, the founding members of the Mateship Foundation Shayne and JJ have gone down to the corner of 6th and San Pedro with clothes, sanitary/health care supplies, blankets, and food. There has never been an agenda beyond looking to bring unexpected joy through mateship to people who truly have little else. There are no limits or rations to how much or how many items people can have. They keep going until the supplies run out and, in the meantime, everyone gets to have a laugh and enjoy each other’s company. The supplies come from the generous donations that you or I make through the website, or the purchases made through the Amazon wish list. Whether you can give $5 or $500, it all helps.

When I meet you, where you are, we become equals. When we can find humor, kindness, common ground, or compassion together, friendship forms. That is the basis of The Mateship Foundation and that is why I support them.

By Liani Marriott


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